Vita Zelikov Obituary, President of a Inquisitor, Vita Zelikov has died – Death

Vita Zelikov Obituary, President of a Inquisitor, Vita Zelikov has died - Death

Vita Zelikov Death, Obituary – Because of something very tragic that has taken place, Inquisitor, Inc. is making the following announcement with a heavy heart and we ask for your understanding in this matter. On January 3, 2023, Vita Zelikov, who had been serving as President of an Inquisitor, Inc., passed away. Although her passing is a tremendous loss, and we are all heartbroken about it, we are grateful that she is no longer in pain because she fought cancer in a difficult and courageous way for a very long time. She fought this disease for a very long time, and although she did so for a very long time, she passed away.

After the passing of Ron Lax, our founding president, in 2013, and the subsequent passing of Alyson Frazier, President, in 2016, Jen Hoff and Vita took over, and Vita has remained President of Inquisitor at that time from 2016 until the present day. Ron Lax passed away in 2013. Alyson Frazier passed away in 2016. In 2007, Jen Hoff started working at Inquisitor, and Vita was promoted to the position of President of the firm in 2016. Vita had a strong conviction in the idea that everyone has the right to a just defense, which was the fundamental tenet that served as the foundation for the founding of Inquisitor.

Her very existence, together with all that she has achieved, is a demonstration of her unwavering commitment to contributing to a cause that is more important than herself. We are going to move on without Vita despite the fact that she had a significant part in the Inquisitor. We are going to proceed in the same manner as we have in the past, which includes adhering to our mission and delivering investigative services of the best possible standard. However, in light of the events that have transpired, we would be grateful if you could bear with us while we come to terms with our loss and regain our bearings. Thank you for your understanding.

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