Virginia Fain Obituary, A resident of Reidsville has passed Away

Virginia Fain Obituary, A resident of Reidsville has passed Away

Virginia Fain Death, Obituary – On Thursday, January 5, 2023, Virginia Watkins Fain, who had been a resident of Reidsville, North Carolina, passed away when she was a patient at the Annie Penn Hospital in Reidsville. When she passed away, she had 89 years under her belt as a human being. A memorial service will be place in the Ridgeview Cemetery in Eden on the afternoon of Monday, January 9, 2023, at three o’clock in the afternoon. This date and time are both subject to change. Regarding either the time or the location of the memorial ceremony, there has been no determination made as of yet. On the afternoon of Sunday, January 8, 2023, there will be a visitation held at the Fair Funeral Home in Eden.

The funeral home is located in Eden. The visitation will take place from four in the afternoon to six in the evening. Virginia Watkins made her entrance into the world on June 27, 1933, in the city of Price in the state of North Carolina. Her parents, George Washington Watkins and Maggie Jones Watkins, have both passed away in the time that has passed since that event. At this moment, neither of her parents were alive due to the ailments that had taken their lives. Stoneville High School was both the institution from which she obtained her high school diploma and the institution from which she received her secondary education.

Both of these accomplishments can be credited to Stoneville High School. Virginia regarded caring to her garden and spending time at the beach as two of the most important and enjoyable aspects of her life outside of work. Only her son, Ronnie Fain (Michelle), of Reidsville, and a few of her dearest friends, such as Robert and Gladys DeHart of Stoneville, Doris and Bill Johnson of Eden, Peggy and Charlie Baynes of Eden, and Tracie and Fred Stallings of Reidsville, will always hold her memory dear. They are the only people who will do so. The only person who will continue to cherish her memories when she is gone is her son.

Her spouse had been gone for quite some time before she died away, so he was already gone when she did. Before Virginia did, her husband Ronald Fain, her brothers Lynn Watkins, Everett Watkins, and George Watkins, as well as her sisters Mary Owen and Nancy Watkins, all passed away. Also predeceasing Virginia were her sisters Mary Owen and Nancy Watkins. Their son, Christopher Watkins, is the only person who will remember her once they are gone. Virginia’s parents and other relatives of her family, as well as her spouse, all preceded Virginia in death before she did.

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