Trinity Lynn Cliff Obituary, learn more about Trinity Lynn Cliff death

Trinity Lynn Cliff Death, Obituary – Trinity Lynn Cliff, who had spent her entire life in the Greenville, North Carolina area, passed away at the house that she had referred to as “home” on the morning of Monday, January 2, 2023. She was 37 years old when she passed away, which indicates that she had a full life before her death. She was born in the city of Greenville on November 12, 1985, and she received all of her formal education in the city of Greenville, at the Greenville Public Schools.

She has lived in the city of Greenville her entire life. Greenville has been her home her whole life and she has never lived anywhere else. Greenville, South Carolina has been her home for the duration of her entire life. Both of her parents, David A. Cliff and Brenda Marie (Morgan) Cliff, are considered to be members of the Cliff family. Her siblings are also considered to be members of the Cliff family. The name David belongs to her father.

Her mother, Shirley M. Cliff, as well as her grandfather and grandmother on her father’s side, Arthur A. Cliff, Jr. and Shirley M. Cliff, all passed away before she was born. Her maternal grandfather was Arthur A. Cliff, Sr., and her maternal grandmother was Shirley M. Cliff. Shirley M. Cliff was the name of the woman who gave her birth. Her mother’s name remained the same throughout her entire life; it was Shirley M. Cliff. Her father, David A. Cliff, passed away on November 9, 2016, so the date that we are currently celebrating is the anniversary of his passing. Today is the date that marks the anniversary of his passing.

Her mother, Brenda Cliff, of Greenville; her biological children, Bryson Cliff, Xylar Cliff, Charlie Conroe, Berkleigh Conroe, and Kinsleigh Conroe; her brothers and sisters, Jillian Cliff of Hudsonville, Scott Cliff serving with the United States Army, Dustin & Jessica Johnson of Grandville, and Jordan & Josette Cliff of Belding; numerous nieces and nephews who fondly called her “Aunt Honey”; maternal grandparents

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