Suicide: Adam Lapkowski Obituary, A Waterford Police Officer Has Passed Away

Suicide: Adam Lapkowski Obituary, A Waterford Police Officer Has Passed Away

Adam Lapkowski Obituary, Death – He worked as a policeman with the Waterford Police Department under the name Adam Lapkowski. He allegedly committed suicide just before he passed away. I wish you a restful night, brother. We are currently praying for both the military and non-military members of his family. Our hearts hurt for you when we learn of the demise of Officer Adam Lapkowski #56. The news of Officer Adam Lapkowski’s passing, who was given the number 56, breaks my heart. Please know that you can contact us here and that the Waterford (Connecticut) Police Department is on our minds and in our prayers.

No. 56 Adam Lapkowski, a deputy In the early 1990s, while working as a “DARE Officer” at Great Neck School, I had the chance to meet him for the first time. I was able to connect a name to a face at that time. The most embarrassing occurrence happened on June 8, 2013, when I was “photobombed by Adam” as two “old people” were retiring. I was present when he took the oath of office to join the WPD in the year 2008. I’m delighted you’re a part of this elderly man’s life because you merit recognition for your contributions to society and the life you’ve led.

I’m extending my love, respect, and courage to Adam’s family, his friends, and everyone in the blue family. Adam, go to sleep. Please inform his family that we will never forget him at the “Believe 208 Run for the Brave and Finest,” and thank you for helping us spread the message. Sincere apologies for the loss you’ve had to endure. Always Remember Adam Lapkowski #56. We’re starting a fundraiser to help Adam’s family with financial support so they can get through this trying time.

The funds will be used to pay for both the funeral expenses and any unforeseen expenses. Only Shana, their two children, and their grandchildren will have memories of Adam once he passes away. Any money that is left over after all expenses have been covered will be deposited into a unique account that will only be used by Adam’s children to pay for their future education. Words can’t express how appreciative we are of everyone’s kindness and support.


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