Roxy Reynolds Obituary, Roxy Reynolds Has Passed Away

Roxy Reynolds Obituary, Roxy Reynolds Has Passed Away

Roxy Reynolds Obituary, Death – Roxy Reynolds, who had reached the age of 81 at the time of her departure, was taken from this world on February 2, 2011. Her passing occurred at the age of 81. He made his grand entrance into the world on December 2, 1929, as the first kid to be born to James and Mary Reynolds. He was their first child overall. His beginnings can be traced back to the Newtown neighborhood of Hanover Township, where he was born.

The couple’s first kid was a boy, and they decided to give him the name him. The only members of his family still alive are his wife Florence Kistler Reynolds, his mother Mary Leck Reynolds, his daughter Nancy, his granddaughters Nina and Alex, his sister Janice, and his brother Robert. His mother’s maiden name was Leck, and her maiden name was Reynolds. Mary Leck Reynolds is the one who gave birth to him. Nina and Alex, who are both his granddaughters, are his granddaughters. Both of them have the surname Kistler as their maiden name. His wife’s maiden name is Kistler.

When he was a young child, he joined the Boy Scouts, and one of the things he committed himself to doing was going on camping trips in the Pocono Mountains. During those times, he was a member of the Boy Scouts. Years later, when he worked for the organization as a field representative, he viewed those excursions as some of the most memorable events of his life and considered them to be among the most important lessons he had ever learned. He was employed by General Motors for the greater part of 24 years and spent the majority of that time in Wilmington, Delaware, which was the location of the company’s headquarters at the time.

The last fifteen years of his career were spent at AG Edwards & Sons, where he was employed by the company as a broker for the duration of that time. When he first entered the job, he went into the insurance industry as his first career choice. Because of the nature of the responsibility, he approached the task at hand with a great deal of seriousness. When he reached a particular point in his life, he began volunteering a significant amount of his time at the Newark Delaware Senior Center. He did this because he wanted to give back to the community. He did this because he wanted to make a positive contribution to the neighborhood.

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