Pauline Shields Obituary, Pauline Shields has passed Away

Pauline Shields Obituary, Pauline Shields has passed Away

Pauline Shields Death, Obituary – Pauline Shields On January 4, 2023, when he was a patient in the medical institution, he succumbed to his illness and passed away. His battle with death was lost. On that particular day, he passed away. She was Sean’s devoted and treasured wife throughout the many years that they were married. Their union lasted for many years. They eventually tied the knot during that same period as well. Sean has left us, having passed away not long ago. A loving and devoted mother who adored her children Paula, John, Roisin, and Donal and would do everything for them. She will do anything for them and give up everything. Chris, Ruth, and Kieran are all married to her children, and she is well known to all three of them.

As a result, she is held in very high regard by all three of them. Her children have married Chris, Ruth, and Kieran respectively. great-grandmother of Tilly and Marcy, as well as Niall’s great-grandmother; grandmother of Cathy-Anne, Conor, Eoin, Sean, and Olivia; great-grandmother of Niall We would be really grateful to you if you could ask Saint Padre Pio to pray for her. Please do what you can to make this happen. I am grateful. Pauline’s cremated remains will be deposited in an urn and interred in the backyard of her previous home, which can be found at 53 Edenmore Drive, beginning this evening. Pauline’s final resting place was at that address.

The wake will begin on Monday, January 9, at 9:30 a.m., which is a little more than an hour before the beginning of the Requiem Mass at 10:00 a.m. The funeral will be held on the same day, and it will begin at ten o’clock in the morning on that day. After that, they will be driven to Saint Agnes Church, where the funeral service will be carried out, so that the attendees can pay their respects there.

Following the conclusion of the get-together, the cremation will take place at a discrete location as previously planned. Everyone in Pauline’s extended family, including her daughters, sons, granddaughters, great-grandchildren, and the rest of her family, will be inconsolable upon learning of her passing because of the loss they have suffered. Her extended family as well as the larger network of friends and acquaintances that she kept in her life will all miss her greatly as well.

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