Patrick Hogan Obituary, New Zealand Champion horse breeder dies at 83

Patrick Hogan Obituary, New Zealand, Has Passed Away

Patrick Hogan Obituary, Death – The thoroughbred community is in a state of mourning following the death of Sir Patrick Hogan, who passed away at Waikato Hospital after a period of illness. Sir Patrick Hogan was a prominent figure in the thoroughbred industry. Sir Patrick Hogan was an important figure in the history of the thoroughbred horse industry. In 1976, Sir Patrick established Cambridge Stud from very humble beginnings, and he did so with the same dogged determination that he shared with his wife, Justine.

The Cambridge Stud was a breeding farm that was going to revolutionize the bloodstock industry and bring New Zealand to the attention of people all over the world in a way that had never been done before. The selection of Sir Tristram by Hogan as the foundation stallion for Cambridge Stud was a stroke of genius that has resulted in Cambridge Stud receiving many accolades and substantial rewards as a result of Hogan’s decision. The racing record of Sir Tristram was not particularly impressive, with only two victories out of a total of 17 starts.

However, his new owner’s implicit faith in the Irish-bred stallion’s bloodlines – franked by his own Irish heritage – laid the foundation for Cambridge Stud to become the preeminent force in the industry in the decades that followed. Joe Walls, a long-time associate of Patrick Hogan’s who is also a friend and business associate in his role as Chairman of New Zealand Bloodstock, spoke on behalf of a large number of others when he described the contribution that Patrick Hogan has made to New Zealand’s proud heritage.

In his capacity as Chairman of New Zealand Bloodstock, Joe Walls is not only a friend but also a business associate of mine. We have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to know Patrick and Justine for more than 50 years, and our association consisted of more than merely serving as client and salesman. I consider myself blessed to have had this opportunity. They have been wonderful friends to both Wendy and me, something that Walls also mentioned about them.

It is impossible to imagine anyone more capable than Sir Tristram and his son Zabeel being entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of two horses of this quality. New Zealand’s industry and national sales were able to break through on the international stage thanks to his dedication to the industry, his expertise in marketing, his flair, and his professional fairness.



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