Noah Pangalia Obituary, Ottawa CN, Has Passed Away

Noah Pangalia Obituary, Ottawa CN, Has Passed Away

Noah Pangalia Obituary, Death –¬†Sadly passed away unexpectedly on December 30th, 2022, when they were 19 years old. He was a much-cherished child to his parents, Dil Pangalia and Jennifer Ali. He leaves behind his brother Jack Pangalia, as well as his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends, all of whom will be saddened by his passing. A memorial service will be conducted in the privacy of the family at their home. The words of Jad Jaroudi: May you finally find peace: Noah.

Even now, it’s hard for us to wrap our heads around the fact that you passed away at such a young age. Together, we have a wealth of memories to look back on. We remember that the reason others claimed we looked alike was the reason we initially became good friends, and, as fate would have it, on that same day, we discovered that we also lived across the street from each other. Since we were in elementary school together till now, we have been through a lot together; Only wish We could adequately express how much We appreciate your generosity and kind heart.

We are aware of the challenges you have faced in recent years, but the last time I met you, it appeared as though you had a strategy to improve yourself and continue growing while maintaining a positive frame of mind. This is something that I had not anticipated at all, and it is depressing. The primary thing that brought us closer together was sharing our musical discoveries with one another and, at one point or another, even creating music together. Once you got started, music quickly became not only a hobby but also a calling for your life.

We are aware that the primary objective of your artistic endeavors was for it to have an effect on other people. Don’t worry about it; you already have and will continue to do exactly that. We are sure that you are in a much better place at this time. My deepest sympathies go out to Noah’s family, and I pray that they find some measure of comfort in the knowledge that their loved one made such a significant and favorable contribution to the world and is now in a better position to enjoy greater health. Have a peaceful rest.

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