Maddie Mogen Obituary, has sadly passed away – Death

Maddie Mogen Obituary – Madison May Mogen was born in Eugene, Oregon, on May 25, 2001, and she died in Moscow, Idaho, on November 13, 2022. Her family and everyone around her has benefited from her existence since the beginning. Maddie was born and raised in Oregon for the first two years of her life before returning with her family to the North Idaho region where her parents were raised. She continued to have a happy childhood back in Idaho.

She first attended Winton Elementary before enrolling in the Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy until she and Kaylee decided to enroll in LCHS, where they would both graduate, after drafting a very persuasive letter to their parents outlining their reasoning. To say that everyone loves Maddie would be an understatement. Maddie was well-known for her ability to make people laugh and grin with her quirky sense of humor, and everyone who knew her knew not to let her get hungry! Maddie was also appreciated for her future-focused dedication.

Throughout high school and college, she excelled in her studies and at every job she held, building a network of friends, coworkers, managers, and teachers who were more than happy to serve as amazing references and compliment her on how wonderful she was, how hard she worked, and how much she cared. Maddie was ecstatic to travel a little bit but not too far from home to attend the University of Idaho. Maddie made the Dean’s List each semester after arriving there.

While having her sister Kaylee nearby and her true love, Jake, she joined Pi Beta Phi and made some of her closest friends. We will always imagine Maddie to be surrounded by tiny, adorable, pink glittery objects because that is how we see her. Maddie is survived by many cherished friends and family members, including her mother Karen Laramie, with whom she shared the strongest relationship a mother and daughter can have; father Scott Laramie; father Benjamin Mogen, who is married to Korie Hatrock; grandparents Steve and Connie Laramie, Tim Caufield, Kim Cheeley and husband Tom Pagliasotti, Mike Mogen and wife Pamela; aunts and uncles David and Nadine Caufield, Katie and Aaron Blackshe Maddie is permanently enveloped in her Grandma Ruth’s arms in heaven, which gives us comfort.

A memorial service for all four students will be held at Real Life Ministries in Post Falls on Friday, December 2, 2022, at 11 a.m. Anyone who knew and loved Madison is welcome to attend. The date, time, and location of a memorial service for Maddie and Kaylee will be made public in the future.

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