Lynn Steward Obituary, Senior Chief Petty Officer Air Traffic Controller has Died

Lynn Steward Obituary, Senior Chief Petty Officer Air Traffic Controller has Died

Lynn Steward Death, Obituary – The event that caused her death took place on January 2, 2023, and she is no longer a resident of this earth. There is no longer any trace of Lynn Lorraine Steward among us. Her prolonged struggle with cancer was eventually what led to her passing away. On March 30th, 1936, she was born in the city of Lima, Ohio, to parents whose names were Earl Steward and Cynthia (Schiffer) Steward. Her birthplace was listed as Ohio. Earl and Cynthia Steward were both of her grandmother’s paternal grandparents’ names. Her birthplace was listed as Ohio, which is a state in the United States. Earl and Cynthia were both given as first names to her grandma and grandpa when they were born.

Both of them were named after Earl. Because she was the more experienced of the two females, she was given the title of “eldest” due to the fact that she was the one who came first in the order of seniority. She was the older of the two girls. She was a young woman when she entered the United States Navy, and after years of commitment and hard work, she eventually rose through the ranks to become a Senior Chief Petty Officer. After obtaining experience in the military, she moved on to pursue a job as an air traffic controller, which she performed for the remainder of her working life until she eventually retired from the profession. After spending her entire working life in this field, she eventually became an air traffic controller.

Due to the fact that she took part in the activities that the RVing Women organisation hosted, the organization’s leadership once gave the impression that she was a member of the group at one point in time. She was a voracious reader who also had a passion for Burmese cats, the great outdoors, and taking lengthy road adventures in her RV all throughout the United States of America. She was an avid reader. Aside from reading, some of her other passions and interests included travelling and spending extended amounts of time outside in natural settings. Ms. Steward outlived both her brother Jan D. Steward and her niece Judy Steward, who both passed away prior to her own departure.

Ms. Steward was the last member of her immediate family to pass away. She was the only member of their family to have managed to survive. When Ms. Steward passed away, she was the eldest and most senior member of her family that had survived to that point. Actually, Ms. Steward’s niece was the individual who went around calling herself that name. Judy Steward was the name that her aunt had given to her when she was a young child.

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