James Weaver Obituary, A resident of Evensville, Tennessee has passed Away

James Weaver Obituary, A resident of Evensville, Tennessee has passed Away

James Weaver Death, Obituary – James “Jim” Robert Weaver, Jr., age 65, a resident of Evensville, Tennessee, passed away tranquilly on Saturday, December 17, 2022, within the confines of his own house in the comfort of his own surroundings. His birthday is January 17th, 1957, and he was born in Knoxville, which is a city that is located in the state of Tennessee. His date of birth is January 17th. Following the completion of Jim’s secondary schooling at Farragut High School and the receipt of his diploma, Jim enlisted in the United States Air Force of the United States of America. During his whole time in the workforce, he functioned in the capacity of a mechanic.

It was common knowledge that Jim has a hilarious personality and that he made the most of every opportunity in life. His favorite pastime was fishing, and he had a well-deserved reputation for making the most of every chance that came his way in life. Both Jim’s father, James Robert Weaver, Sr., and the woman who was the love of his life, Debbie Henderson, had passed away before to Jim’s passing. Debbie was the woman he had spent his whole life with.

Jim was the only member of his immediate family to have prevailed over death and live to see another day. His mother Elizabeth (Richard) Stair of Spring City, Tennessee, as well as his sisters Sharon Davis and Kathie Weaver, both of Knoxville, Tennessee, as well as four nephews, one niece, and a total of five other relatives, survived him. In addition, he was survived by a total of five other relatives. Additionally, he was survived by a total of five additional members of his family.

Furthermore, he was survived by a total of five other members of his family after his passing away. On the afternoon of Saturday, January 14, 2023, at 2:00 p.m., the Spring City United Methodist Church will be the location of a memorial ceremony to honor the deceased and commemorate those who have passed away. At the conclusion of the funeral service, which will be presided over by Reverends Dave Grant and Dale Wyrick, military honors will be presented to the deceased person. This portion of the service will be led by Reverends Grant and Wyrick. After the conclusion of the event, there will be a visiting in the Family Life Center, which will also be followed by the supply of finger snacks at this time. This will take place after the event has concluded. As soon as the completion of the ceremony has been achieved, this will start immediately.

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