Jack Landers Obituary, Learn more about Jack Landers Dead

Jack Landers Obituary, Learn more about Jack Landers Dead

Jack Landers Death, Obituary – With the passing of Jack. M. Landers on January 4, 2023 in Warrensburg, the University of Central Missouri and its families of alumni and emeriti were bereft of a longtime part of their respective communities. We would like to offer our most sincere sympathies to you and inform you about the sad tragedy that has befallen your family. On Saturday, January 7, a memorial service will be conducted at the First Presbyterian Church of Warrensburg, which can be found at 206 N. College St. The ceremony will start at eleven in the morning. After the time allotted for family to pay their respects has passed, the funeral service will start precisely at 10 in the morning.

Dr. Landers enjoyed the privilege of having an academic career that spanned practically the entirety of his life and lasted for approximately 38 years. Landers spent the years 1964 to 1966 working as an instructor of junior high school industrial arts in Rolla after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 1964 from what was then known as Central Missouri State College. During that time, Central Missouri State College was located in Rolla. After that, he joined the teaching staff at College Middle School and College High School, where he was responsible for supervising other educators in addition to instructing students in industrial arts.

After finishing his undergraduate studies, he went on to earn a master’s degree in education from Central Missouri State University and a doctorate in education from the University of Missouri. All of these degrees are in the field of education. In addition to that, he was a college professor throughout this time. During his stay at CMSU, Landers worked as a professor of Construction Management from 1987 until 1991 and as an assistant dean of the College of Applied Science and Technology from 1987 to 1991. Both of these roles were held simultaneously. While Landers was a student at CMSU, he worked at both of these jobs simultaneously.

In addition, he served as the coordinator of the Construction Management program beginning in the year 1981 and continuing until the year 2000, when he took his retirement. After he had retired, he continued his career in education by instructing classes on a part-time basis for the next two years. In 1999, Landers was presented with the Byler Distinguished Faculty Award, which is the highest honor that can be presented to a member of the teaching staff at a university. This award is considered to be the most prestigious of its kind.

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