Myra Felix Potchefstroom Obituary, Myra Felix Has Sadly Passed Away

Eldest Aunt Obituary, Eldest Aunt has Died

Myra Felix Death, Obituary – Myra Grace Felix, who was also known as Myra Grace Felix (née Goodwill), died away quietly yesterday afternoon in Potchefstroom. She was also recognized by both of those names. At the same time, she was the senior of our two aunts and the lone sister of our father. She was the only sibling of our maternal grandfather who had made it to adulthood after the others had passed away. Our entire household has fallen into a condition of severe melancholy as a direct result of the upsetting news that she will be departing.

The strong connection that both of us have kept alive throughout our entire lives has been kept alive over the course of the most recent few years, and we have kept up with one another’s whereabouts and activities on a consistent basis. Throughout our entire lives, we have maintained this connection with one another throughout our entire lives. She was 88 years old, in excellent health, and had an incredibly sharp mind for someone of her age. She was also in excellent physical condition. In addition to that, her physical health was exceptional.

On top of that, her physical health was remarkable for someone of her age. During the time that Sol Kerzner was constructing the B Hills Hotel in Umhlanga Rocks, she worked for him as an employee in his accounting office. She did this while he was working at the hotel. During this time, construction on the hotel was also taking place. He leveraged her abilities and expertise. It had always been planned for the hotel that was in the process of being constructed to have its location in the Umhlanga Rocks neighborhood.

Her two boys, Stephen, and Michael Felix are the only members of her family to have reached this point. They are the only ones to have succeeded. Every single one of her other relatives has already left this world. Everyone who learns of her leaving will suffer feelings that cannot be appropriately expressed as heartbreak. These emotions cannot be adequately articulated as heartbreak.




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