Clint Smith Obituary, Burlington CN, Has Died

Clint Smith Obituary, Burlington CN, Has Died

Clint Smith Obituary, Death – On Tuesday, January 3, 2023, in the Village of Tansley Woods, he passed away calmly with his family at his side. The date and location of his passing are unknown. He was 65 years old at that point in time. Because Yolanda’s dedicated husband, Clint, was there for her at all times, she was never put in a position where she needed to be concerned about him. Because he was a dedicated father to Tom, Emily (Jeff), and Adam, he had a special and irreplaceable devotion for each of his children.

Tom, Emily (Jeff), and Adam all had a special place in his heart (Alysha). In addition to this, he assumed the responsibilities of a stepfather to Jennifer, Brandon, and Jason (Dawn). To think that Laylah, Ayvah, Charlie, Maxwell, James, and Bennett could name him grandpa brought him a great deal of joy, and he took a great deal of satisfaction in the fact that he could call himself their grandpa.

In addition to being the cherished sibling of Chris (Ann), who was also his sister, he was also Carey’s brother and the son of Jack and Norma, who were his parents. Chris (Ann) was his sister. Carey was his brother. It was in these great ol’ United States of America that he first made his appearance on the scene of human history (Tracy). Not only did he have a profound love for his own children, but he also had a profound love for Yolanda, as well as for the city itself and the terrain that was placed around it.

He loved all of these things very passionately. Since Clint has died away, each and every member of his extended family, in addition to the countless friends and coworkers he had in the fire department, will suffer terribly from grief for his loss. Clint’s passing has also caused a great loss for the fire department as a whole.

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