Brett Hurt Obituary, Brett Hurt Killed In Roanoke, Virginia, Car Accident

Brett Hurt Obituary, Death – Brett Hurt of Huddleston, Virginia has passed away. Brett was a former Lead Security at Corned Beef and Co., Crewman at Carter and Carter Unlimited, LLC, and 11B Infantryman at U.S. Army. Brett went to Staunton River High. I knew you were a special guy man the moment I first met you when you waved me down to sit in a pine tree in your grandmother’s front yard and enjoy a bowl of cookie crisp. Even when I was five years old, I could see that you and I were destined to be friends. I had no idea back then that I’d have the good fortune to call you my older brother.

We fought a lot and drove one other crazy, but Brett Hurt, you were and ALWAYS will be my brother. The majority of us would never be able to comprehend the struggles and pain you went through after returning from an overseas assignment or the demons you silently battled as you battled vices. But I understood your character, and I will always be grateful for the happy and challenging times we experienced together. I’ll always love and miss you, brother, even if time has seen life take us in many different directions. I’m grateful you’re my big brother. RIP, dude.

Mr. Brett I’ve been waiting for you to enter the room and let us know that what we are experiencing is just a terrible dream all day. For you to joke around and downplay any situation like you normally do. All day, I’ve been waiting for you to give me a bear embrace and say, “I love you so much, one more time.” I am crushed into a trillion pieces at the thought of never having that again. I don’t know how I can be so broken and numb at the same time. You served as my primary example as a child. I don’t believe I’ve ever boasted about somebody as much as I did you.

Being your older brother made me so proud of you, and I will always be so. When I was younger, I recall that you would come over, and I would sit with you, thinking that simply by being around you, I was the coolest person on the earth. Your teeth were always so lovely, and I remember you instructing me how to whiten them because I wanted mine to be just as stunning. I will always remember your laugh because I remember it. I just want to hear that chuckle just once more. You had the world’s best laugh and the best embraces, which melted the world away.

I need you to somehow help me move on and be strong because I feel so lost and the world feels so dim without you. You were always the older brother that we got to boast about what we looked like. You are and always will be a significant portion of my heart. It was the worst thing I’ve ever tasted, but I handled it like a champ for you when you let me try your favorite gin drink a few months ago. Although my heart is broken, I sincerely hope that you find peace since that is the only thing that will enable us to live in harmony in the days to come.

Since my mother cherished her pooh bear so much, I am genuinely shaken to my very core by this loss. Please hold my mother’s hand as we go through this. I didn’t want you to be my guardian angel because I wasn’t ready, but God knows he had other plans. Big brother, you have my undying love until we reconnect. Hurt, Brett.


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