Allen Cochrane Obituary, Member of the Fisher River Cree Nation has passed Away

Allen Cochrane Obituary, Member of the Fisher River Cree Nation, Allen Cochrane has passed Away

Allen Cochrane Death, Obituary – Allen Dale Cochrane, age 60, was a member of the Fisher River Cree Nation in Manitoba. We regret to inform you of his loss and express our deepest condolences. After a valiant fight against cancer, he passed away peacefully with his family and friends by his side and went to be with the One Who Created Him. Allen Dale will be greatly missed by his wife of 32 years, Myrna, as well as his eight children and 24 grandchildren: Catrina (Scott) Sinclair, their children Zoey and Nixon, from Kamloops, British Columbia; Rynelle Flett, her children Benjamin, Caden, Noral & Amos, from Split Lake, Manitoba; Aaron “Beaver,” his children Brandt, Toby & Tai; Samantha, her children, Semiah, Braydon His mother Violet Woodhouse, his sister Laura Lee Pratt, his brothers Charles (Brenda) and John (Dolly), his mother-in-law Violet Woodhouse, and his sisters-in-law Rose (Neal) Anderson and Lindsay Woodhouse. His father, John Cochrane Sr.,

his sister Laura Lee Pratt, his brothers Charles (Brenda) and John (Dolly). His half-sister Ida (Shane) Duncan, his half-brother Delmer Simpson, and his half-sister Lynn (Ken) Paul and half-brother Mike Wawia. Garrett Cochrane and Jonah Anderson, both of whom were his godsons. Peguis and Pinaymootang, as well as his extended family, including numerous nieces and nephews, cousins, aunties, and uncles from The Pas, Maryland, USA, Norway House, British Columbia, and Peguis and Pinaymootang (Fairford). Allen Dale’s mother Shirley, grandparents Josette and Ole Olafson, Moshom Andrew Cochrane, sister Josette Cochrane, baby sister Leslie Dawn Cochrane, father-in-law George Woodhouse, brother-in-law Stacy Pratt, and Glen Anderson all passed away before him.

Allen Dale is survived by his sister Josette Cochrane and baby sister Leslie Dawn Cochrane. Aunts Helen Robinson, Elizabeth Wheeler, Illa Bird, Mabel Oye, Margaret Cochrane, Uncle Leslie Cochrane, a very special aunt Darlene Dorion, as well as a large number of aunts and uncles living in The Pas, Manitoba, and a niece named Georgia Anderson. Allen Dale was born in Selkirk, Manitoba, which is also the location where his grandmother and grandfather spent many years of their lives.

Allen Dale was the oldest of six children, and unfortunately, his youngest sister went away when she was only three days old. He and his family made a tradition of spending their summer vacations at his grandmother’s house in Selkirk. When he was a teenager, he helped his grandfather Ole operate a tugboat alongside other crew members. On Lake Winnipeg, he also assisted his father in fishing. In addition, his family made frequent trips to the home of his auntie Illa in Peguis to spend time with his cousins, the Birds. In addition to that, he went to the United States of America to see his aunt Helen and uncle Bernie, as well as his aunt Darlene and his other aunts and uncles in The Pas and Norway House.

Allen Dale received his diploma from Fisher River School in 1981 and then went on to complete his electrical training at Red River Community College. He used to adore pulling apart radios and stereos when he was a young teen, but he was hopeless when it came to putting them back together again. His fascination with electronics began at a young age. On certain occasions, like his birthday or Christmas, he would always receive a brand new one. In 1982, he enrolled in the PENT Program at Brandon University after having previously made the decision to attend that institution.

Allen Dale made a decision about the direction he wanted to take his life in his later years and graduated from Brandon University with a Bachelor of Education in 1993. After spending over 30 years as an educator and working as a teacher in a variety of Aboriginal Schools across the province of Manitoba, Allen Dale finally made his home in the Fisher River Cree Nation. There, he served as the Grade 7 teacher and the Computer Teacher for a number of years until his retirement in the year 2020.

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