Milly Thompson Artist Obituary, Milly Thompson Has Sadly Passed Away

Milly Thompson Obituary, Death – Those who learned of the death of the artist Milly Thompson displayed unfathomable levels of sorrow in response to the news of her demise. Her willingness to help others and her hilarious sense of humor was unparalleled; in addition, she was an artist who inspired a large number of other people and a teacher who instructed them. We are keeping her family and friends in our thoughts and prayers as they go through this challenging time. One of the artists that had a career in the profession was known by the name Milly Thompson.

The artwork of Milly Thompson has been displayed in the past at a substantial number of renowned galleries and museums, including The Sunday Painter, which is one of those establishments. On ArtLyst, you can find some articles that were written about Milly Thompson and that were published, and the day after tomorrow is this. The title of the most recent piece, which was written for ArtLyst in September 2022 and titled “Cubitt Studios’ 30th Anniversary Kicks off with Exhibition at Victoria Miro,” may be found in this article.

As soon as I found out that Milly Thompson had passed away, I was overcome with a sickening feeling in my chest. Her work with BANK used to be one of my favorites because, in addition to her excellent sense of humor and wit, she did a lot of work with them. In addition to that, her wit is as keen as a razor. She was the one who put me in touch with the Cubitt Street Artists for the first time, and she is widely acknowledged as a pioneering figure within the movement.

Despite the fact that they were huge milestones in the London scene when they occurred, shows such as Zombie Golf and Cocaine Orgasm are not brought up in conversation very often these days. Nevertheless, they most certainly ought to be. She was a fantastic woman, and we extend our sympathies not only to her family but also to all of her colleagues and coworkers at Cubitt.


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