Hannah Aydelott Obituary, Hannah Aydelott Has Died

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Hannah Aydelott Death, Obituary –  22 months old and had been healthy, passed away unexpectedly and violently on Sunday night, a local family has been left devastated and is struggling to come to terms with something that no parent should have to go through. The family’s daughter had been in good health prior to her passing. Garrett and Jency Aydelott were unaware that the time they were spending holding their daughter Hannah Judith Aydelott at that moment would be the last time they did so before she passed away on Christmas evening. They were putting their daughter to bed on Christmas evening while they were unaware that it would be the last time they did so.

Russell Thrasher, a friend of the family, described Hannah as “the pride and delight of her parents as well as her younger brother Liam, who was six years old.” Hannah had passed away. The age of Hannah’s younger brother was referred to as “Liam.” The Aydelott family cannot believe that they have lost such a young part of their family, and as a result, they are refusing to accept it. They are in a state of denial. They are in a stunned condition at the moment.

In order to “help with all of the present bills and those still to come as they slowly come to grips with something no parent should have to endure,” friends and family members who are concerned about the family have created a GoFundMe page. On Friday, December 30, the parents of children attending Trinity Christian Preschool have been informed that the school would close earlier than normal in order to allow staff members to attend a funeral.

According to the remarks made in a letter that was given by the employees at Trinity Christian Preschool, Hannah is reported to have “affected the hearts of numerous of our staff members throughout the course of her time here with us.” Hannah attended Trinity Christian Preschool. Hannah had attended the neighborhood preschool ever since she was a very little child, so this was nothing new for her. A memorial service that celebrates her life and pays honor to her passing will be held at First United Methodist Church on Friday, December 30 at 2:00 p.m., as per the arrangements that have been made by Bright-Holland Funeral Home in advance of the event.

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